Spiritual Direction


What is Spiritual Direction?

  • Is a companioning relationship that explores a deeper connection to the spiritual dimension of your life.
  • Provides time and space for reflection, dialogue and discernment.
  • Explores how God (or the sacred or higher power) is present and active in your life.
  • Fosters ways to integrate spirituality into your daily life.
  • Offers a haven from the busyness of the outer world and opens a time for stillness to reflect on your inner journey.

Spiritual Direction is not:

  • Professional counseling or therapy
  • Bible study or book study
  • Limited to any one spiritual practice

Most spiritual directors, whether clergy or laity, have completed training in spiritual direction formation and may charge a fee, often negotiable. At CHH, there is a sliding scale fee.

If you are…

  • Looking for a place to wrestle with spiritual questions
  • Seeking a safe place to explore your spiritual journey
  • Searching for a deeper relationship with God
  • Longing for a more centered life

… you may want to consider spiritual companioning.

For more information, please contact Nancy E. Titus, MS, RN at 919-870-1824.