Melissa Huemmer, LCSW

Melissa Huemmer
Melissa is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a Masters from the University of North Carolina. She has been providing individual, group and family counseling in a variety of settings including inpatient hospitals, day treatment centers, non-profit clinics and in the private sector as well. Melissa specializes in working with adolescents, young adults and their families around a variety of issues including depression, anxiety, learning disabilities and social skills. She also works with care providers and the elderly around balance and changing life perspectives and stress management. ” I believe that everyone is an individual with their own needs and goals and that we sometimes need to step back and see where we want to go in life and take a look at what may be preventing us from achieving our own sense of purpose and happiness. I use a variety of approaches and believe in working with my clients to find a treatment option that achieves their goals and is a good fit for their personality.”
Reach Melissa at 919-414-0668.

Ruth Burnett, MA, LPC

If you are reading this website I applaud you for seeking support by pursuing counseling services. As a licensed professional counselor, I work with children, adolescence, adults, and families providing therapeutic services appropriate to the needs of the client. I have 7 years of experience as an outpatient mental health therapist providing services for a wide range of ages and mental health issues. I provide a safe and trusting environment using play therapy to engage children and with adolescents; listening and exploring their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. In order to support therapy and illicit change, it is essential to work with parents as a part of therapy. With children and adolescents who are struggling with anxiety and depression, educational problems, ADHD, behavioral problems, learning disabilities, and family issues. My ten years of teaching experiences has been an asset in the counseling field. I also see adults who are struggling with emotional troubles, parenting issues, and conflict in their relationships; providing a supportive environment for healing and personal growth.

Reach Ruth by phone at 919-622-0005, by email at [email protected] or by web at

Rebecca Bush, MA, NCSP

Rebecca Bush
Rebecca has been a school psychologist with national certification since 1995. She received her BS in Psychology from Texas A&M University, and MA in School Psychology from the University of Houston at Clear Lake. She is a Licensed Educational Psychologist in California and is working on becoming a Licensed Psychological Associate in North Carolina. She has a strong background in assessing/diagnosing and treating children with educational disabilities as well as childhood disorders. She also has a strong background in counseling, behavior modification, Special Education Law and in Special Education programs and services. Her experience primarily includes working with pre-school through college aged clients; however, she also provides support to adults with an array of needs. “My goal is to provide exceptional assessment, consultation and other necessary supportive services to people having difficulty in the school setting.” If you are searching for individual or group therapy, social skills support, testing for your school aged child or for yourself, or need behavioral support, let Rebecca’s unique training and experience work for you!

Reach Rebecca at [email protected] or by calling 714-600-7148.

Lezleigh Vincent

Lezleigh Vincent
Lezleigh, a graduate of Radford University, started her journey into the mind, body and spirit 10 years ago when her son, Kade, was born at 26 weeks.  Her will to help him survive was tested as her c-section became infected.  Along with caring for herself, Lezleigh was trying to care for her 2 lbs 6 oz baby in the Neonatal intensive Care Unit.  It is there that she was introduced to the concept “Kangaroo care,” or skin to skin, healing touch.  Along with prayerful meditation and healing touch, Lezleigh and Kade healed much more quickly than doctors anticipated.  Without realizing it, Lezleigh was practicing Reiki. Lezleigh’s journey continued down the physical path as she became a certified fitness instructor (AFAA) and personal trainer (IFTA).  Lezleigh has spent the last several years reading books on spirituality, meditation, yoga and law of attraction.  She has a strong appreciation for both Eastern and Western religions. Along with receiving several certifications that require a mindful practice to fitness, she is a dedicated “yogi” at heart. Lezleigh spends time every day in prayerful meditation.  She is a Reiki Master as well as an ordained Minister. Lezleigh recently had the honor of ordaining the marriage of a dear friend. She has a passion for helping people improve the quality of lives through various holistic modalities.

If you would like to meet with Lezleigh regarding her approach to Holistic Healing, please contact her at [email protected], or 919-618-2524.

Nancy Titus
RN, Spiritual Director

Nancy Titus

A graduate of the Haden Institute Spiritual Directors Training Program, Nancy is a retired Deacon in the Diocese of North Carolina and a registered nurse (BSN, Duke University, MS, Boston College). Her experience of listening deeply as a hospice nurse and her pastoral skills both inside and outside the church setting provides a natural foundation for spiritual direction. As a spiritual companion, Nancy brings a holistic approach that is open to the presence of the Divine in all dimensions of one’s life. She is a member of Spiritual Directors International.
Reach Nancy at 919-870-1824.