Be a Volunteer


Do you have a passion for mental health and community outreach? If you have a gift you’d like to share, CHH offers a variety of volunteer opportunities for motivated individuals who want to make a positive difference. Whether you can donate one hour or 20, your talents will make a difference.

CHH is looking for folks to help with the following:

  • Programming (development and organization)
  • Event hosting
  • Instructor support and communication
  • Grant research and writing/fundraising
  • Marketing and publicity
  • Web-based advertising/social media
  • Business structure and direction for nonprofits
  • Board recruitment and development
  • General Assignment
  • Auditing services
  • House upkeep: interior and yard
  • Office administration and secretarial

How much time do you want to volunteer?

The CHH project has both short-term and long-term tasks. The project also offers leadership opportunities as well as general team opportunities. Here are some questions to help you define how you would like to participate.

      1. Do you want to volunteer for short term tasks that have distinct timelines? An example would be to spend a morning or afternoon doing yard work: trim bushes, sweep patio, etc.
      2. Do you want to be involved for a certain amount of time or during a certain time of year, such as just the summer, and would like to be assigned tasks accordingly?
      3. Would you like to work in a specific sub-team that is of particular interest to you?

We look forward to hearing from you. Call The Center for Hope & Healing at 919-800-8530 or complete our confidential contact form.